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Blog Betting options
26 Mar 2017

Search Function simplified

In our last update of the the Betfair interface, we simplified the Search Function to make your betting exchange experience even smoother.

You will find in the top left corner the new search bar you can use to find in one click the team or player you wish to bet on, with the corresponding markets.


19 Jul 2016

Handicap Betting explained

In this article, we will explain the meaning of football handicap betting, how it works and the different kinds of football handicap betting markets.

In football, like in any other sport, there is a difference in quality between two opposing teams. The difference can be either big or small depending on many criteria such as home field advantage, confidence, winning streaks, player injuries, etc.. These criteria will be used to set odds for both sides.

16 Jul 2016

Cash Out feature available on our Sportsbook platform ESBetting

Our Cash Out feature can help you to become a more profitable bettor, especially when using it on in-play events. It gives you the opportunity to request a return (positive or negative) before the event has finished.

This option has became essential for serious punters and can make the difference between a winning bettor and a losing one.


18 Feb 2015

Starting Prices available

What are the Starting Prices ?

The Starting Price of Betfair is based on bets placed by the backers and layers on the market without any applied margin. The Betfair Starting Price will be calculated to ensure more equitable opportunities and the most transparent possible for the backers and layers.

It is calculated at the beginning of an event by examining the relationship between the amounts of money requested at the Starting Price by the two parties (backers and layers).

17 Nov 2014

Liability button

Gambling mode :

First of all, here are some examples so you can understand better our new commission system in gambling mode system where from now on a commission will be applied on all placed orders, whether they are winners or losers.

Our basic rate is 3.5% on winning orders and 2.4% on losing orders and can be lowered to 2.8% / 1.2%.

23 Oct 2014

Using level profit

BETTING EXCHANGE on Betfair allows users to trade in the betting markets, either by matching the available odds or by setting its own odds be matched by other users.

One of the major advices from Easysportbet is to benefit from this opportunity: securing/optimizing a profit or limiting the risks is essential in the long term and conversely, avoid running these profits or losses with single bets.