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Center help – account management :
How to request the opening of an account ?
Just fill out the form to open an account by clicking on the link at the top of the website (register / open an account). If the different steps are completed properly, your account will be activated within 24 hours.
Should I provide evidence of identity and home ?
Basic accounts do not require documents to be provided. The user agrees not to give false information at registration (including being over 18 years of age). However, the operator reserves the right to ask some users to provide some supporting documents:

– According to the different amounts of deposit.
– Depending on the deposit or withdrawal methods used.
– For the first withdrawal.

Is it possible to open several accounts ?
No, it is forbidden to open multiple accounts (see point 6.1 of our terms and Conditions).
How to access the betting interface ?
For safety reasons, access to the interface is limited only to members of Easysportbet. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you the url to access the interface.
Can I transfer funds between accounts ?
No, Easysportbet as Betfair is very alert to any attempt to exchange for funds through the system of sale/purchase with another Easysportbet or Betfair account/member for other purposes than the game. This practice could result in possible prosecution against the members using the platform for these purposes.
Should I pay fees for managing my account ?
€5 Fees may be taken in order to reactivate your account if it has not been active for over 2 months (see point 10.3 of our terms and Conditions).
How do I reactivate my account ?
In case of extended inactivity of game (2 months), the account will be automatically blocked.

In this situation, you will be offered three possibilities:
1) reactivate your account by making a new deposit, no administrative cost will be charged whatever your balance is.
2) If your balance exceeds € 5, simply reactivate your account by contacting us, administrative charges of € 5 will be charged on your balance.
3) contact us to retrieve your balance in compliance with the rules in force in terms of frequency of withdrawals and amount.

By reactivating your account, you should be aware that if you account remains inactive, your account will be again blocked automatically by our system in the following days and you will be again subject to these same conditions mentioned previously. So be sure to reactivate your account only if you plan to use it.

Why does Easysporbet collect fees for inactivity ?
Permanently inactive member accounts require considerable organization efforts.
How to change my password ?
From your personal information ‘My account’, simply click on “change password”.
How do I edit my personal information ?
From your personal information “My account”, click on “Edit profile”. Please note that certain information may be changed only by contacting support.
Can I close my account whenever I wish ?
Yes, you can request the withdrawal of your funds and closing temporarily or permanently your account whenever you want, in compliance with the rules in force in terms of frequency of withdrawals and amount.