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What are the bets and proposed markets ?
All those in the Betfair exchange: same odds and same money volumes.
Are the odds those proposed on the Betfair exchange ?
Yes, there is no margin on the odds displayed on the interface. You bet directly on the Betfair exchange platform.
What are the minimum and maximum stakes ?
As long as your balance allows, and the proposals on Betfair are sufficient, there’s no limitation on stakes. On the other hand, the minimum stake is € 2, and € 10 for all bets in Lay in the “Starting prices”.
When are bets settled ?
Bets are settled normally 5 to 10 minutes after the end of the event.
Can I propose my own odds ?
Yes you can propose your own side, your bet will be waiting to be “Matched” by another user. For further information see betting options or our blog section (Unmatched).
How to update the odds ?
Simply click on the “Start auto refresh” icon to update the data in the form of bet. An automatic update of the odds is carried out every 3-4 seconds. The update stops approximately every 5 minutes. Simply click the icon again to restart the automatic refresh
Can I make multiples ?
No, not on the Betfair exchange.
Can I cancel a bet ?
You can cancel all time bets not “Matched”, however once validated (matched), it is possible to cancel a bet.
What are the rules of markets ?
All bets are stated according to the rules of betfair. You can also click from the form of bet on the icon “Rules” to refer to the specific rules of the market in question.
How do I know if my bet has been Matched or not ?
During redirection in your “Pending bets”, “Matched” amounts will appear in the column “Stake” while “unmatched” amounts will appear in the column “Cancel unmatched”. You can cancel at anytime your “unmatched” bets. For further information see betting options or our blog section (Unmatched).
Potential P/L displayed in the formbet are gross or net ?
If you are in gambling mode, the displayed amounts are net (already deducted commission). However if you are in mode trading displayed amounts are gross (off commissions).
How to access different markets ?
In order to use our various menus (Go inplay, unlisted, listings, Sportspanel) adequately and optimaly and thus access as easily as possible to the markets you want, we recommend that you consult our videos section.
What are the supported browsers ?
Although our interface works with much of browsers, however we advise you to useGoogle chrome or Firefox on PC. These 2 browsers are best suited to our interface and allow you to enjoy a better experience of games. On Mac: Safari.
– The use of multiple browsers for the same account at the same time is prohibited.