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Terms and conditions (updated 01/04/2017) :

1. Introduction
1.1 These terms and conditions govern the use of our website easysportbet.co.uk, operated by Gymaster N.V. (referred to as “Operator” or “We”) registered and licensed in Curacao under the Licence 8048 / JAZ2015-046.
1.2 The drafting of these conditions was conducted in spanish, translation is for reference only. In case of conflict only the Spanish version will be considered in order to solve it.
1.3 In the registration form, you certify that you have read the terms and conditions and you agree to provide correct information about your identity, and to respect the rules of the club at all times (see Chapter 4).
1.4 Identity documents may be requested at the discretion of the operator, or due to the varying levels of deposits.
1.5 These Conditions cease to exist and to apply if one party comes to cease to exist.
1.60 Access to the betting interface is impossible before sending the first deposit to the Operator.

2. Specifics and general conditions
2.1 The operator accepts no responsibility for any mistake on your part in the use of the service (see 2.5), and any event beyond our control (cf 2.3).
2.2 We ask you to be aware of the different regulations on the Betfair website.
2.3 The service delivered by the Operator is only an intermediary between the user and Betfair, all cancellation and bet refund policy are the same as Betfair. In addition, we may need to modify odds based on the results returned by Betfair (eg “reduction factor” on horse racing, bets partially paid / refund … etc).
2.4 Users acknowledge that all times indicated are in the time zone CTU (Universal time).
2.50 No refunds of bets will be processed by the Operator in the following cases: Betfair server out of service, Easysportbet betting interface unavailable, misuse of the interface by the user (cf 11.x).
2.60 There are no personal stake limit, except of course your balance limit, and the volume available at Betfair. We accept no liability for incorrect amount in your bets.
2.70 All information provided on the pages (“payments”, “commissions” and “Help Center”), as well as important notes (see point 12) are part of our specific conditions.
2.80 When you place a bet, you are betting against other users of Betfair platform. Easysporbet is not the counterpart of your bets. We work solely as an intermediary between you and the betfair platform. The price submitted by the user on our platform is the price taken into account in our system (exceptions : see point 2.3).

3. Registration and account validation
3.1 We collect minimal information on the form to identify the person (name, surname, email, ..). However, we reserve the right to request proof of identity if necessary.
3.2 The service is strictly prohibited to persons under 18 years of age.
3.3 The account is validated by an operator, and a confirmation email is sent to present the conditions to access a convenient service.
3.4 Registration is prohibited to corporations.
3.50 We can not provide legal advice on the legality of Internet gaming in your country of residence, nor can we accept any responsibility in any sanction that you would be imposed by the competent public authority resulting in the use of our service, if considered illegal under the rules of that state. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure to respect the laws of his country.

4. Usage conditions of account
4.1 Your account is personal. You should never disclose your username and password, or even your connection interface bet. It is your duty to keep such information as confidential, you will be fully responsible for any misuse or intentional or unintentional disclosure to any third party information.
4.2 We ask you to disconnect (“log off”) after each use of the interface.
4.3 It is recommended to use at least the “next” and “previous” web browsers interface bet buttons in order to avoid possible data display problems (not refreshed data).
4.4 We also encourage you to enable the automatic “updating” of the betting form, in order to allow a display of the most recent data. Because of the data recovery limitations imposed by Betfair, only one market per account can be automatically updated.
4.5 Always make sure to check that the market is updated (see button “updating” status) before you place your order.
4.6 The use of bots is prohibited.
4.7 Once your bet is matched and validated in “Pending bets”, you can not apply for cancellation.
4.8 The display of the balance and exposure currently considers the trades made in the same market (for market with a single winner).
4.9 Any bet placed must be preceded by a “refresh” (Updating) to avoid misplacement or odds not refreshed (cf11.3). You must use one browser at a time to connect to your account.
4.10 The bets placed Offplay in mode “keepBets” will be maintained and subject to being matched until the close of the market if it is not canceled before.
4.11 It is the responsibility of the user to properly configure the options in “Edit Profile” (Bet in one click KeepBet) and administer its Unmatched orders. No claims can be made about it if the user forgets to cancel all non-matched order.

5. Financial transactions
5.1 All transactions must be made in Euros. All amounts received in another currency will be automatically converted at the exchange rate of the payment method used.
5.2 The fees and limits of deposits and withdrawals and other specific conditions are indicated by logging into your Easysportbet account.
5.3 The administrative fee of maintaining accounts up to 5% can be applied on your withdrawals from a number of withdrawals per month.
5.4 We reserve the right to apply up to 5% fees on withdrawals if at least all of your cumulative prrofit/loss (per market in trading mode and per bet in gambling mode) are less than the total amount of your deposits. And 3.5% on deposits for abusive or unnecessary transactions (for example, a withdrawal followed by a new immediate deposit).
5.5 The accounts (e-wallet, Bank etc) used for withdrawals must be necessarily identical to those used for deposits and one deposit must be done through the method in order to make a withdrawal with this one.
5.6 The fees of transfers between our different services are indicated by logging into your Easysportbet account or on our commissions page.
5.7 All payment methods and transfers between our different services processed manually by our operators will be carried out only during the support hours (Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00pm GMT-5 / 2:00pm – 2:am GMT – 0). No compensation for delay or prolonged time will be granted.
5.8 Indicated withdrawal deadlines are given indicatively. No compensation for late payment will be granted.
5.9 In the case where the payment methods used does not belong to the holder of the account, we reserve the right to ask any type of documents in order to authenticate strengthened its owner and to refuse the transaction.
5.10 If you have deposited more than you have withdrawn to a payment source you will have positive Net Deposits. If you’ve used more than one payment method, say Neteller and AdvCash for example, you’d need to level off any positive Net Deposits made on both methods with the same amount of withdrawals before you’d be able to withdraw more than you’ve deposited on either.
5.11 The amounts credited to your account may not be transferred to the account of another user of the site.
5.12 It is necessary and mandatory to verify (KYC procedure in your Easysportbet account) your account before requesting a withdrawal request.
5.13 Any negative balance on your account (ex: bets resettled) will be immediately due and payable to Easysportbet. Your account will remain open but not usable for betting, as long as the amount due to Easysportbet will not be paid in full.

6. General rules
6.1 You can only have one account Easysportbet. We reserve the right to close any multiple accounts in the same name or attributable to the same person.
6.2 If you enter an incorrect password five times, your account will be blocked. To unlock your account, you will need to contact customer service and tell the answer to the security question. If you forget the latter, we reserve the right to ask for any evidence capable of proving your identity.
6.3 The Operator may at any time to cancel bets underway in the case of a gross material error or if a fraud is suspected.
6.4 The Operator reserves the right not to provide certain gambling services, temporarily or permanently, at any time without notice.
6.5 Any claim relating to the history of your account or balance must be received within 14 days from the date of online publication (date statued bet). Continued use of the service beyond the 14 day period will be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of such statements.
6.60 The support is only available in French, English or Spanish.

7. Commissions
7.1 Currently the charge rate premium is 0% and can be changed at any time by the Operator (cf7.9).
7.2 Any commission or charge is applied on prices displayed in the form of betting.
7.3 Commission basis (depending on the chosen mode) is automatically deducted on each bet or market statued. A system of sliding scale reduces the commission, based on the amount of commissions that you had generated in the previous week (See page ‘our commissions”).
7.4 Overall taxation (premium charge) is applied one time per week at 23:59 (CTU time), only on lifetime positive accounts and positive in the current week.
7.5 Calculation of the premium deducted charge = lifetime gross profit x (% of charge premium) – sum of commissions already paid « lifetime »
7.6 The gaming mode (Trading or Gambling) of a market can not be changed when you have already placed a bet earlier in the same market. The gaming mode selected of a market is definitively set when your first bet is placed and matched.
7.7 The commissions regarding our Betfair service are indicated on our commissions page. We reserve the right to change the fees at any time. Also not hesitate to consult your commission panel by logging into your your Easysportbet account.
7.8 You can request cancellation of the count of any premium charge if this count took place at the end of the next cycle of your first bet on Easysportbet. However, your premium is simply postponed and may be deducted at the next count whatever your profit / loss is during the following if your accumulated commissions remains below the prevailing rate cycle.
7.9 Charge premium % in force can be changed at any time without notice up to a maximum rate of 25%.
7.10 Any premium tax below 50 euros will be deducted from your account, but merely postponed in next cycles.
7.11 If a new rate of premium charge is applied, your premium will be calculated as cumulative if you paid the new rate from the opening of your account.
7.12 When various bets are placed in the same market during different cycles in trading mode, the maximum rate of the different cycle will be the one applied when the market will be settled.
7.13 Administrative charges of 7 euros per month apply to all accounts inactive for more than 3 months and have a balance available. Your balance will never be negative due to administrative charges.
7.14 A weekly administrative commission of € 2.50 is applied to all users who have not reached the minimum turnover required for the last 7 or 30 days and wish to access the Betfair service again. The users who are subject to this commission are those who fulfill these 3 cumulative criteria:

– You opened at least one market in the last 7 days
– You have generated less than 2.50EUR of commission in the last 7 days
– You have generated less than 10.00EUR commission in the last 30 days

8. Responsible gaming
8.1 The Operator prohibits minors (persons under 18 years old) to use our service.
8.2 We encourage you to play reasonably. The game should remain a fun activity.
8.3 The player may ask to opt out of himself proposed by a simple request by e-mail service. Users can choose to opt out for a period of one month, three months or for an indefinite period.
8.40 See our page Responsible gaming.

9. Privacy Policy
9.1 We are committed to protect your personal data provided during registration (see 3.1). Your data will not be shared to any third party for commercial use. Your data is securely stored in our servers.
9.20 We may disclose your personal information only if required to do so by law, or if we suspect you of fraudulent practice (to payment fraud, money laundering).

10. Account closure
10.1 The Operator reserves the right to terminate the user account in its sole discretion. We will proceed to the immediate transfer of your balance.
10.2 Fraudulent use of the service will result in immediate account termination and possible prosecution.
10.3 The operator reserves the right to refuse the activation or disable some services at any time without having to justify it.

11. Disclaimer
11.1 Without limiting the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, you agree that we are in no way responsible for involuntary or events beyond our control, for any direct or indirect damage or any loss of income due to :

  • your use of the betting interface (cf 11.3);
  • any delay or interruption of the Services;
  • absence in any information or services provided (cf 11.2);
  • data loss due to a communications failure or network;
  • accidental transmission of a virus or other harmful agents;
  • unauthorized or fraudulent use of your account;
  • or case of force majeure.
11.2 If a bet is validated in the pending bets without giving any specific amount, it is up to the user to ask the support to know that amount. No cancellation will be granted even if the client did not know the amount matched (including if the reply from support regarding this information is not sent before the settlement of bet).
11.3 “What if” , “profit”, “level profit” are informations for guidance, only “pending bets” and “statued bets” have value of certification of bet placed. Easysportbet can not be held liable of any wrong information returned by functions “profit level” and “what if”, for example for special markets available on Betfair. It is the responsibility of the user to learn the rules of the market on Betfair. (cf2.3)
11.4 If a bet is initiated and a lack of information occurs preventing the user from seeing the “pending bets” (eg, connection problems, network, Betfair API), the user should contact the support to know the status of this bet. You agree that your bet can be integrated into your pending bets several tens of minutes after the placement of your order, if it has been matched on betfair. If the bet was actually matched on Betfair, it will be well settled in the account of the user: no refund will be possible.
11.5 It is forbidden to publicly present the offer (forums, blogs, …), except for our partners.
11.6 The official languages of the website are Spanish, French and English. All other languages are translations performed by a robot and therefore could include some imprecision. We are not responsible for incorrect translations.

12. Important notes
12.1 Never give your link and your login informations.
12.2 We advise you to use FireFox or Google chrome, these 2 browsers are best suited to our interface and you can enjoy a better gaming experience.
12.3 Betfair platform: Enable the “Updating” before placing a bet to ensure you receive information and therefore refreshed odds.
12.4 See our videos in the Help Center to use the various options our services adequately.
12.5 Betfair platform: Do not trade with all of your balance, because of the potential commission from bets or markets losers, there it will be impossible to close your position at a single time, then it will be possible to progressively close in several orders. However in order to avoid this kind of problem, we recommend that you always keep availability at least 5% of your balance.
12.6 The opening and the suspension of markets are managed by our providers, we have no control on this matter, you should be aware that our providers reserves the right to suspend any market at all time in their sole discretion, despite a market having been planned in “Inplay”. In such situation no refund can be made for all matched bets whatsoever by our providers or Easysportbet.

13. Matchbook
13.1 All the betting conditions are those displayed on the Matchbook website.
13.2 Deposits and withdrawals fom/to your Matchbook account shall be made from your Easysportbet account through the transfer forms, There is no minimum transfer, with the exception of the first deposit (minimum €200).
13.3 It is strictly prohibited to make a deposit or a withdrawal directly from your Matchbook account (please see 13.2)
13.4 Applied commissions on your bets are those indicated on the Matchbook website. Easysportbet does not apply additional commissions.
13.5 Please note that it may be necessary to use a VPN depending on your country of residence.
13.6 It is your responsibility to change the password of your Matchbook account on a regular basis and keep confidential your access data. Easysportbet cannot be responsible for an unauthorized access to your account.
13.7 The API activation of your Matchbook account must be done by contacting our support. The API is not enabled by default.
13.8 Easysportbet declines all responsibility in the event of unavailability or technical problem of Matchbook website

14. 3ET
14.1 All the betting conditions are those displayed on the 3ET website.
14.2 Deposits and withdrawals fom/to your 3ET account shall be made from your Easysportbet account through the transfer form. The minimum transfer from Easysportbet to 3ET is €500
14.3 It is strictly prohibited to make a deposit or a withdrawal directly from your 3ET account (please see 14.2)
14.4 An administrative fee of 10€ is applied to the first withdrawal from 3ET to Easysportbet if you have placed less than 10 bets. Demo accounts are available for any user wishing to discover the platform before activating a real account.
14.5 The odds are net. Easysportbet does not charge any commission.
14.6 The standard minimum stake is €100.00. However the minimum may be much higher depending on the potential winning which can be minimum €60.00 on some markets or some odds (example: minimum stake of €1000.00 on odds of @ 1.06). If the minimum stake is not reached, the bet will automatically be rejected.

The customer can ask our support to remove all the offers where the minimum stake is superior to €100.00. In that case, the offer will be less attractive though.

14.7 Please note that it may be necessary to use a VPN depending on your country of residence
14.8 It is your responsibility to change the password of your 3ET account on a regular basis and keep confidential your access data. Easysportbet cannot be responsible for an unauthorized access to your account.
14.9 Easysportbet reserves the right to close your account 3ET at any time without justification.
14.10 Easysportbet declines all responsibility in the event of unavailability or technical problem of 3ET website

15. Affiliation
15.1 The “Partner” will attract new customers through the referral link indicated in his affiliate space so that the client is assigned (“Partner”‘s affiliated user).
15.2 The Partner agrees to commit to the following rules:

– Recruit new users only on the media submitted when applying for our affiliation partnership.
– No carry out of any activity considered as “SPAM”.
– In no way use the logos of Betfair to promote Easysportbet.
– No public mention of the absence of premium charge or advantageous commissions to promote Easysportbet.

15.3 The percentage of revenue share for any new “Partner” is 30%.
15.4 Commissions are credited at the end of each month to the Easysportbet account of the “Partner” and can be withdrawn immediately by using the initial chosen payment method.
15.5 Easysportbet reserves the right to revise the rate of Revenue Share for each new year of the contract.
15.6 Easysportbet reserves the right to stop paying commissions from assigned affiliated users who had over 3 years of business
15.7 Easysportbet reserves the right to break the partnership activity in the following cases, and without any notice:

– If the “Partner” did not recruit at least 5 new members during the last 4 months.
– If the operator detects the opening of double accounts solely to benefit from the Partnership commissions.
– If the “Partner” encourages the existing users to open a new account under a different identity in order to benefit from the partnership commissions.
– If the “Partner” performs any activity considered as “SPAM”
– If the “Partner” does not respect the proper use of logos or banners provided by the operator.
– Any other action from the “Partner” that would harm the operator.

16. Modification of General conditions
16.1 Easysportbet reserves the right to modify and update these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will be binding and will produce their effects as soon as you will read them on the occasion of your next bet interface connection. You agree that it is your responsibility to know the General Conditions in force.