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Easysportbet the ideal broker to place your bets or trade on the Betting Exchange platforms. Our brokerage services are intended for professional bettors and as well as for smaller punters to boost your long term profits.

Betting exchange platform


Bet on Betfair from our interface

Easysportbet allows you to bet at Betfair, without any difficulty. The purpose of our club is to offer to our Members the opportunity to bet at the best market odds and without the limitations imposed by the majority of the bookmakers.

You have access to all markets, odds and volumes available on Betfair. Bet in real time in the same way you would do with a personal Betfair account.

Open your Matchbook account

Bet without any restriction on Matchbook, one of the world’s leading Betting Exchange platform. Through our brokerage service, get your Matchbook account and enjoy a better offplay betting experience, a platform in constant development offering excellent volumes and the lowest commissions in the market.


Our Advantages

Fast deposits and withdrawals
Automatic transactions with the most popular ewallets like Neteller and Skrill

Lowest Commissions
We offer the lowest commissions of the market and adapted to your needs (VIP)

Winners players welcome
Betting without limits and get the best odds or value bets available in the market

Various betting options
Use our various betting options, keepBets, starting price, level profit (Cashout)