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Help center – Betting options :
How to add my favorite markets ?
You can add any market to your Favorites from the listings or the form of bet by clicking on the Favorites icon..
What are the betting configurable options ?
You can configure the following options: “Bet in one clic”, “Keep bets/cancel”, “Game mode”, “Starting prices”, “Stake predefined” (predefined stakes).
How to configure my betting options ?
From your information personal “My account”, just click on «Edit profil» and configure or enable the options that you want.
What is than the bet in one click ?
The “bet in one click” allows you to place your orders more quickly without having to confirm in a dialog box. Take care because your bets will be instantly placed once you click on the “validate” button.
What are the betting configurable options ?
When the cancel bets are “unmatched”, these are automatically cancelled by Betfair when certain event occur as for example the start of the match (inplay), a goal or a red card. Bets in “Cancel” mode will appear with the letter “C” in the column “Persist” of your “Pending bets”.
What are the Keep bets ?
When the “keep bets” are not “matched”, unlike the “Cancel” bets, they are held until the end of the event and shall not be cancelled by Betfair when certain event occur as for example the start of the match (inplay), a goal or a red card. “Keep bets” can be placed only before the start of an event and will appear with the letter “K” in column “Persist” of your “Pending bets”.
What are the starting prices ?
The Starting Prices of Betfair are based on bets placed by the backers and layers on the market without any applied margin. It will be calculated to ensure more equitable opportunities and the most transparent possible for the backers and layers. It is calculated at the beginning of an event by examining the relationship between the amounts of money requested at the Starting Price by the two parties (backers and layers). This gives a true reflection of public opinion on a selection. All markets offered on Betfair do not offer this opportunity to bet (mainly horse racing, and the match odds of football at high volume of exchange).
How to place a bet in Starting prices ?
First of all, you select in your account (Edit profile) for this purpose in order to appear “Starting Prices” box in the form of bet coupon when the market allows this possibility. Then click on this box “Starting Prices” in order to show the 2 modes of possible bet (NO LIMIT and LIMITS ODDS).
What is the difference between the 2 modes of Starting prices ?
Bet NO LIMIT will be current regardless of the odds at the Starting Price while the LIMITS ODDS bet allows you to set a minimum limit back below which you do not want to be “Matched”, or the maximum odds in lay.
How to change the mode of commission (Trading & Gambling) ?
From the form of bet, click the icon “Switch mode” found in the bet coupon in order to pass from one mode to the other. You can also change the default mode from the betting options (Edit profile). Please note that if you have already placed a bet on a market it will not be possible to change the mode for this same market. If you have placed a bet in a mode and you open this same market in another mode, a warning message will be displayed that the mode is different.
What is the function Level profit (LP) ?
Level profit allows you to close your positions in taking care of equal way to distribute your gains or losses. A simple click on the button “LP” allows you to automatically fill your coupon with the adequate implementation in order to close your initial position.
What is that What if ?
The “What if” allows you to view your gains and potential losses (net in gambling mode and gross in trading mode) before placing your bet. It is automatically populated when you fill out your betting coupon. The “What if” is automatically disabled when you use the “Starting prices” option because odds will be known only at the start of the event.
What is the liability button ?
The “Liability” button in the bet coupon allows you to convert the stake specified in betslip in a “Liability”. This function is useful for example during a “Lay” to determine your maximum risk, or to set your maximum loss in “Gambling” mode included commission.