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Help center – Deposit and withdrawal :
Important !
When your deposits or withdrawals, please follow the instructions in the “Deposit” and “withdraw” in the interface pages, otherwise this may result in additional delays for the validation of your transactions.
What are the methods of deposit and withdrawal ?
The deposit and withdrawal methods vary from one moment to another, new methods can be added or removed depending on the agreements that we and our service providers. In order to know the methods force please check our payments pages or the menus on the interface.
All methods in force are available for the initial deposit ?
No, you are required to use a method with which you can also make requests for withdrawal. In order to know the methods of initial deposit in force, please visit our page payments.
Can I use all methods in force ?
No, it is possible that some method of deposit is not available in your country of residence.
Can I use another account for my withdrawals ?
No, all withdrawal requests will be processed automatically on the same account used for the deposits made with the same method. For safety reasons and in order to combat money laundering the retirement account must be identical to the account used for the deposit.
Can I use any available withdrawal method ?
Yes, provided that you have already made at least a deposit with the same method, that the cash out of this same method is not neutral or positive, and that other methods of withdrawal have a cash out to zero (with exception of bitcoins see next question). These conditions are in place to combat money laundering.
Can I withdraw my bitcoin deposit on Okpay ?
Yes because all our bitcoin transactions are performed through okpay, if you have an Okpay account recorded in our database, so you can withdraw your Bitcoin deposits on your Okpay account without conditions of cash out.

However if you have an Okpay account, we recommend that you fund your okpay account with your bitcoins, and then make your deposit to Easysportbet.

Must I necessarily have an Okpay account to deposit in bitcoin ?
No, however all your bitcoin deposits must be withdrawn by this same method (in bitcoin).
How long are process transactions ?
It depends on the methods used, but generally all the deposit are processed very quickly (at most a few hours) or instantly. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours. In order to know the conditions processing of each method please visit our page payments or the menus on the interface.
What are the conditions of deposit and withdrawal (limit, costs, frequency) ?
This depends on the methods used, in order to know the conditions of each method please visit our page payments or the menus on the interface.