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11 Sep 2014

LAY the DRAW and BACK the UNDER 0.5 on soccer

Put the odds in your favor to make money on betfair with insurance on football bets.

This hedging is done before the start of the game or in the first minutes.

Opening trade

Lay the Draw € 100 @ 3.50

(100 € gain / loss of € -250)

and “coverage”: BACK Under 0.5 € 15 @ 15

(210 € gain / loss € -15)

If the final match score is 0-0:

– 60′, BACK Under 0.5 € 15 @ 3

– 75′, BACK Under 0.5 € 15 @ 2

If the match ends at 0-0, the profit of the BACK under 0.5 will cover the loss of the Draw = neutral trade.

It is possible to modulate stakes applied and the timing of position, regarding the matches, according to the objective and relative to your own trading psychology.

  • Bob says:

    I don’t think this works. What if someone scores on 76 minutes? What if outsider scores first? In that case, draw odds may shorten. What if two goals in 60 seconds, to make it 1-1?

  • admineasy says:

    Hello Bob,

    Some scenarios may be negative. For all trading strategies, traders have to take into account all the possibilities, and estimate if the global strategy is positive in the long run or not.

  • John says:

    Backing U 0.5 Goals is the SAME as backing 0-0..for which you will get better odds..leave U 0.5 alone and back this scoreline keep in mind Bob’s advice above

  • Ian says:

    What if the score is 1-1, or any other draw which isn’t 0-0? Then you lose the lay and the under 0.5 goals which will be a lot of money.

  • admineasy says:

    The trade must be balanced immediately after a first goal. In some cases, it won’t be possible to close before an instant second goal, but it will be very rare: if 1-1 it’s an important loss, and If 2-0 important profit.