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23 Oct 2014

Using level profit

BETTING EXCHANGE on Betfair allows users to trade in the betting markets, either by matching the available odds or by setting its own odds be matched by other users.

One of the major advices from Easysportbet is to benefit from this opportunity: securing/optimizing a profit or limiting the risks is essential in the long term and conversely, avoid running these profits or losses with single bets.

Therefore, the Easysportbet platform offers a very important feature: the LEVEL PROFIT to close and balance your trades easily.

The LEVEL PROFIT is a modality to select and calculate automatically the stake and the odds to be carried out in order to have the same potential profit or loss on every selection of a market.

An example (in “Trading” mode ), we place a back bet on McHale for the amount of €100 at odds of 2.00 (€100 of potential profit if the selection is winning and €100 of potential loss if it is losing).
Therefore, we have bet ‘For’ McHale in backing this selection. McHale leads and her odds drops to 1.50, so we have the possibility to secure a win regardless of the final outcome of the game once the trade is closed.

By clicking on the LEVEL PROFIT button of the winning selection (therefore the 1st line: selection McHale), “Betslip” is automatically filled in: order (LAY), selection (McHale), odds available (1.50) and stake (€133.33).
Therefore, we have a gross profit of € 33.33 in this market (on 2 selections) regardless of the final outcome of the match.
These € 33.33 on each selection are visible in the column to the right WHAT IF (yellow boxes on the right).
These data are for your information and allow you to know the amount of potential profit/loss of a new bet if it was fully matched.



WHAT IF allows users who do not wish to fully balance their trade, to have an automatic calculation that is performed in order to adjust stakes.

For example, if you decide to lay €100 (and not €133.33) and you click on the WHAT IF button at the top right (Calculator icon), you will see €50 of potential gain on the 1st selection (McHale) and €0 on the second selection.
By doing so, you are betting that McHale WINS, , with no risk of stake lost if she ends up losing.

Easysportbet team

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