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18 Feb 2015

Starting Prices available

What are the Starting Prices ?

The Starting Price of Betfair is based on bets placed by the backers and layers on the market without any applied margin. The Betfair Starting Price will be calculated to ensure more equitable opportunities and the most transparent possible for the backers and layers.

It is calculated at the beginning of an event by examining the relationship between the amounts of money requested at the Starting Price by the two parties (backers and layers).

Starting Prices are no longer available

This gives a true indication of public opinion on a selection. All markets offered on Betfair do not offer this opportunity to bet (mainly horse racing, and football matches odds at high exchange volume).

How to place a bet at the Betfair Starting Price on Easysportbet ?

First, you have to activate the option «BSP» in your account (Edit profile) in order to see the box “Starting Prices” box in the bet slip when the market allows this possibility.
Then click this box “Starting Prices” in order to show the bet modes.

There are two ways to place orders in BSP :

The bet will be matched at the odds of the Starting Price.
2. BSP Limits Odds
You can set minimal odds in BACK mode below which you do not want to be matched, or the maximal odds in LAY mode.

The potential profit/loss of these bets appear in the bet slip once your bet is matched at the starting price.

In PendingBets, these bets are shown as “SP”, and BSP LIMIT ODDS have the minimum/maximum odds in brackets. Wahtever the mode (No LIMIT or LIMIT ODDS), all SP bets will no longer be cancelled once they have been validated in the betting coupon.

What is the minimum/maximum liability for each SP bet ?
The minimum for a SP back bet is €2 and for a LAY bet the minimum is €10. There is no maximum.
How are SP bets settled ?
Once matched in inplay, SP bets are just like ‘normal’ bets placed on the exchange market, and therefore settled the same way.
Formulas for the calculation of profits ?
SP Backers Min Profit Calculation
(Min Odds – 1) x Stake = Min profit

SP Layers Min Profit Calculation
Liability / (Max odds – 1) = Min Profit

Easysportbet team

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