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7 Mar 2014

Unmatched bets Keep bets

We inform you that the interface will be unavailable Friday 07/03/2014 for several hours, as we are pleased to announce that we will install our latest version of the interface which will give you the possibility to place orders “Unmatched”.

We need to perform relatively important updates on our servers and we do not know exactly how much time will be needed to complete this installation.

28 Nov 2013

Bet in one click

Place your bets with a single click.
The possibility of betting in one click (without the confirmation message) is now possible.

Go to your menu “my account” and edit your profile by selecting the “Bet in one click” (see image below).

The bet in a single click allows you to place your orders more quickly without having to confirm in a dialog box. Be careful though, your bets will be instantly placed once you click on the «OK» button