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7 Mar 2014

Unmatched bets Keep bets

We inform you that the interface will be unavailable Friday 07/03/2014 for several hours, as we are pleased to announce that we will install our latest version of the interface which will give you the possibility to place orders “Unmatched”.

We need to perform relatively important updates on our servers and we do not know exactly how much time will be needed to complete this installation.

Update of the new version:

(1) manage your “Unmatched” orders and set your own odds (see below).

(2) opportunity to check your “Pending bets” and to cancel your “Unmatched” orders from the bet slip..

(3) automatic refresh of the “Profit/loss” on the bet slip when the Updating is enabled. This allows a refresh of your P/L if for example one of your Unmatched orders is matched at the same time you see the corresponding market.

(4) possibility to consult the rules of each market (button located in the Betslip).

(5) added a “Last market” link in the top menu to quickly access the last market opened in any page.

(6) ability to place orders “keepBets”. These orders if they are not matched are kept when the market changes from Offplay to Inplay or Suspended (goals, red card, etc.). Keepbets orders can only be placed in Offplay and and in case they are not matched, they will be kept until the closure of the market.

The “Cancel” orders unmatched are automatically cancelled by Betfair when the event starts or when suspended (goals, red card, etc.). Orders placed “inplay” will be automatically in “Cancel” mode even when the KeepBets option is enabled.

You can enable the KeepBets option from your profile and see in your Pending bets the type of order that you placed. Order Cancel = C / order KeepBets = K

Using Unmatched orders :

– From now on, in the “Pending bets” (main page or bet slip) you can dissociate your Matched orders (“stake” column) and Unmatched orders (“Cancel Unmatched” column).

– When the Unmatched amount is greater than 0, a button will appear so that you can cancel it at any time.

– In order to check the status of your orders “Unmatched” remember to refresh your pending bets or enable “updating” of the market in question in order to see your updated P/L.

Easysportbet team

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