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22 Sep 2016

Some tips to make money by betting on Golf

With The 2016 Ryder Cup approaching, it is time to give you some tips on how to make money by betting on Golf.

While not as popular as soccer, Golf has became a favorite sport for punters as it definitely presents many interesting opportunities.


Several different kind of markets are usually available in Golf: you can bet on the Winner of the event, you can bet on a player to Finish in the top 5 / top 10, you can take your chance on Match-ups and predict that a particular player will do better than another one. Top Nationality and First Round Leader markets are also very popular.

The key to successful long term golf betting is in finding value opportunities. If you want to make profits, you must back odds before they drop and manage to do it on a regular basis.
The Winner market is particularly interesting. In this era it is not rare to see a particular golfer go from a price of 60.0 to 10.0 as one of the favorites later on. One good finish and you will see this kind of move very often. Traders on Betfair can make their money this way.

If you like a golfer’s chances to have a fast start in good weather conditions, bet on the First Round Leader market. Opportunities can be great on players known as very talented but fragile mentally when they have to cope with sudden pressure in latter rounds.

Stats are also (obviously) very important to consider before you place a bet, here are a few to focus on:
Driving accuracy: average number of times a player hits the fairways from the tee
Driving distance: average distance covered from the tee
Putting average: clutch golfers show the lowest numbers
Scrambling: this is the number of times a player gets up and down when they have missed the green.

Weather conditions can of course affect play greatly but are difficult to predict day in day out. It is more rewarding to take a look at previous results and analyse the stats. For instance, narrow golf courses require accuracy: if a player misses the fairway he will certainly struggle to make par as it could be blocked out by trees or have a ball buried. Whereas wide open courses will favor players with good driving distance stats.

Inexperienced players are hardly tempting bets to take on the Winner market. Pressure in Golf is huge, nerves play a big part, mental strength required is greater than in many other sports. If you can get good odds on the Finish in or First Round Leader markets, it will most likely be a better choice.

There are plenty of different ways to bet on Golf whether you decide to play before the start of the event or choose to place bets in-running. We strongly recommend you to apply the best trading strategies explained earlier on this blog.
Once you will have spent more time to analyse key statistics, watch big events, have a look at odds movement and understand why they move in specific directions, you will realize that not only Golf is a fascinating sport, but it also can be very rewarding betting wise.

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