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5 Feb 2014

Important notes

Article about point 12 of our terms and conditions

Read carefully before your first login on Easysportbet :

12.1     Never share your link and your login information.

12.2     we advise you to use FireFox or Google chrome, these 2 browsers are best suited to our interface and you can enjoy a better gaming experience. Using multiple browsers for the same account at the same time is prohibited.

12.3     Enable the ‘Updating’ before placing a bet to ensure you receive information and therefore updated odds.

12.4     For your future Neteller deposits, do not forget to add your deposit notification by logging into your Easysportbet account by submitting the amount in the “Deposit” form. Without notice of your deposit, the account will not be credited.

12.5     Watch our videos in our help center to use appropriate options in the interface.

12.6     Do not trade with your whole balance, because of the potential commission per bets or losing markets, otherwise it will be impossible to close your position in one time, but you will be able to close in several orders. However in order to avoid this kind of problem, we recommend you to always keep at least 5% of your balance available.

12.7     The opening and the suspension of markets are managed by Betfair operators, we have no control on this matter, you should be aware that Betfair reserves the right to suspend any market at any time in their sole discretion, even when a market has been planned to be “In-play”. In such situation no refund can be made for all matched bets whatsoever from Betfair or Easysportbet.

Easysportbet team

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