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5 Jan 2017

How to bet successfully on Snooker

Snooker has became popular among bettors, but it can be a difficult sport to bet on for several reasons.

This discipline requires a lot of patience and is played at a very slow tempo. We will try to give you a few advice to take advantage of it.


Snooker betting fields can be quite open when it comes to tournaments, so a possible strategy to bet on this sport is to have a close look at outright markets.

In a case like this one, your bet will obviously be ideal only if your odds and possible returns are higher than if you decided to bet on several games separately.
To achieve this, make sure to have a careful look at the draw of the tournament and try to predict which serious candidates for the title are the most likely to be upset in early rounds. A surprise loss from one of your player’s rivals will be great news for you to trade your positions, sometimes even before your player plays his first match!

Backing and laying inplay can also be profitable. Similarly to tennis when a player is on serve, an option can be to wait for a particular player to get in among the balls, lay this player (if he is a favorite), and wait for a miss to trade your positions, as his opponent could come in to clear up the rest of the balls and potentially win the frame.

As snooker is a very mental game, you might want to check which players have the best statistics in deciders: as the name suggests, deciders refer to final frames.

Century breaks (sometimes referred to as a ton) are also relevant data to analyse. Players who can often score 100 points or more within one visit at the table without missing a shot (at least 24 balls) are obviously very dangerous to bet against.

It is also essential to know about Hit ratio (balls potted/strikes) to find out whether your player is over-performing, under-performing or playing at his usual level.

Head-to-head is often telling: confidence is crucial in snooker and that is why you should check the players head-to-head records when they come up against each other. Some players will play brilliant snooker when they face the top players, while some others can lose focus when facing underdogs.

Don’t forget that betting is a long-term discipline. As snooker requires a lot of precision (more than in most sports), luck and bad luck will always hit once in a while: lucky pots, unfortunate in-offs and other unpredictable situations will always happen. Therefore, you should always apply strict money management rules when you bet on snooker, just like in any other sport.

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