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18 Feb 2014

Explanation of the menus

1) Sportspanel menu :

“Sportspanel” menu allows you to search and create listings according to 2 criteria. You can select these criteria by using the buttons available by default (Championship by country, type of markets, tennis tournaments, etc.) or by entering manually. For example you can create a listing with all the “match odds” Barclay Premier League or all markets “set betting” of your ATP tournaments chosen, etc.

From now on, from the bet slip you can click on the “Last search” button to display all markets from your last search (See Sportspanel video).

2) Sports listings :

Sports listings are primarily used to quickly find a market in which you already have knowledge of its existence by typing in the search bar a part or full name of the team, player or any other criterion figuring the word of the related market.

From now on, when you return to the same sport listings (either by a “Return” or by clicking again on the menu of the sport in question), your last search criteria is kept in memory (See sports listings video).

3) Favorites :

Favorites allow you to easily switch from one market to the another from the bet slip by creating your own listings (See video).

4) Go inplay menu:

“Go Inplay” allows you to access the schedules of all the events that will be available in-play, they are listed according to the schedule at the beginning of each event (see video).

5) Unlisted menu:

“Unlisted” menu allows you to access a market from its ID you can search/find directly on Betfair website (see video).

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