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Blog Advice – Strategies
14 Jul 2016

The Martingale system: a betting strategy to avoid

In this article, we will find out why it is not recommended to apply the Martingale strategy when betting on sports.

Martingale is a gambling strategy commonly used in casinos which consists in doubling your stake after every loss, so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake. It is usually used to play on red-black on roulette game.

9 Jul 2016

Value Bet… what is it exactly?

A value bet is a bet whose odds have a probability value higher than the actual probability of it happening.

For bettors, it means placing continuous stakes on this type of odds will guarantee a safe profit in the long term since their odds is higher than the real probability of the event.

6 Jul 2016

Why it is crucial to bet on the best odds

Through this article, we will highlight how crucial it is for sports bettors to understand the odds by exposing practices of bookmakers.

We will find out why many of you struggle to make any profit in the long-term.

18 Jun 2015

odds equivalencies

With this article, we’ll show you the importance of odds equivalencies in order to maximize your betting exchange on Betfair.

Knowing equivalencies has all its importance, especially when you are trading on small variations, and to a lesser extent, when you place uniquely single bets, although it will obviously still be more interesting to bet on the highest odds.

23 Oct 2014

Using level profit

BETTING EXCHANGE on Betfair allows users to trade in the betting markets, either by matching the available odds or by setting its own odds be matched by other users.

One of the major advices from Easysportbet is to benefit from this opportunity: securing/optimizing a profit or limiting the risks is essential in the long term and conversely, avoid running these profits or losses with single bets.

12 Sep 2014

Hedging match odds and asian handicap

This technique consists to bet on a close game of basketball to enjoy a correlation between match odds and asian handicap, while minimizing the risk of loss and maximizing returns.

Selection of games:

Choose a game you think that the favorite should win on a tight score and asian hadnicap is either -4 or -5.