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4 Aug 2016

Smart betting on 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Olympics start tomorrow. There are a lot of events, maybe too many for bettors! So many athletes and teams in contention and so many criteria to take into account… the various markets will certainly look attractive to punters all around the world.

To have a deep analysis on every sport is a tough task, but here are a few thoughts ahead of this year’s most exciting event.

Motivation: every punter know how crucial this criteria is when betting on sports. But will it be a deciding factor in Rio? Theoretically, motivation should be the highest for everyone, most athletes and teams regard the Olympics as the most special event, and most importantly they don’t compete only for themselves but also for their country.
When betting on disciplines like Athletics, Swimming, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Gymnastics… you are guaranteed to see athletes ready to die for a medal. The Olympics is the main reason why they train so hard everyday.
Maybe you will be a little more careful when betting on tennis though, many players pulled out of the event. Tennis can be seen as a bit of an exception here, as the event occurs in the middle of a very busy schedule for players and a few weeks before the start of the US Open. So watch carefully the first rounds.

Weather: it could affect how some of the athletes will perform. While those at indoor events will not have to worry about the weather, the ones competing outdoors may have to cope with hot and humid conditions throughout the games. Long-distance runners may be the athletes affected the most by these conditions, particularly those competing in the marathon.
Rain could impact events, such as cycling, golf, and football where wet surfaces can affect how athletes perform.
Use your knowledge about particular players, especially in individual sports, who hate or love these kinds of conditions.

Betting markets: easy to say, but make sure you have the right knowledge before placing a bet. This advice can stand all year long for punters, but you certainly need to keep this in mind during the Olympics. Markets are abundant, betting opportunities everywhere, try not to rush your bets and make sure to avoid sports you do not know much about.

Handicap betting: try to find a few spots where huge favorites are likely to slow down their effort when leading comfortably against weaker teams. Sometimes, bookmakers tend to overestimate the gap between certain teams, smart punters should be able to take advantage of such opportunities.

Less known sports: some sports such as Wresting, Water-Polo, Table Tennis, etc. are much less bet on than the rest. Therefore, it means value bets could be easily found if you are a specialist in any of these sports. Bookmakers could open less accurate odds, and this is what sharp bettors are looking for.

Limits: pre-determine how much you are willing to spend before you even place your first bet. While betting is a serious activity for some punters, others should simply expect to have fun. They can try to bet on underdogs to win more than their original stakes. In the end, there is no reason to not have a great time while betting on the most prestigious sport event.

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