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29 Nov 2016

Commissions on winning and losing bets: more profitable?

Betting exchange allows users to trade in the sports betting markets, either by matching the available odds or offering their own odds to other users, with the option of selling back their positions “in play”.

It is also possible to bet in a more traditional way in “gambling mode”.


At Easysportbet, you pay a commission on each bet, winning and losing, in accordance with the mode you choose. To find out whether it is more interesting than to pay commissions only on winnings, we recommend you to apply the following formula:
100 – (win commission) / 100 + (loss commission) = X
1 – X = Rate.

By taking an actual example, if your rate is 2.5% on winnings and 2.5% on losses, it comes down to:
97.50 / 102.50 = 0.9512
1 – 0.9512 = 0.0488 -> average rate of 4.88%.

This is therefore more profitable in the long term than to pay a 5% commission only on winning bets.
Apply the same formula when you are in gambling mode.

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Easysportbet team

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