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31 Aug 2016

Should you watch the matches you have a bet on?

Most sports bettors will tell you: betting is not only about the money but also about the adrenaline.

So, should you watch the games you have a bet on? In this article, we will try to understand the pros and cons.

Experience in betting is a very valuable asset, and by watching games your understanding can only get better with time. When you have placed a bet on a match, chances are you will necessarily pay closer attention. It is important to see how accurate your initial thoughts were on the match.

It makes it also possible to place in-play bets to hedge your initial bet if you feel things are not going your way. That is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend you to have a betting exchange account. By placing a lay bet during a match in order to minimize your loss, your return will always be better than anywhere else. You will need to pay a small commission but there is zero margin on the odds. This strategy is going to have a long term positive impact on your winnings.
It is also true the other way around: if you placed a back bet at odds of 2.00, you will always have the option to place a lay bet later on at 1.10 in order to secure a comfortable profit and avoid an unexpected turn-around.

But some other punters prefer not to watch the games.
The greatest benefit of it is that you will not encounter frustration, at least during the match. Watching a soccer game and see your bet lose at the 90th minute will most likely make you lose control and step aside of good money management rules.

As for general advice: it always comes back to strict money management. Someone who placed a bet of 2% of his bankroll will necessarily have a clearer mind when watching a live event. Even if the bet is a losing one, the wise punter knows his chances to be profitable in the long run are better than someone betting 25% or more on each bet. We really doubt a punter who likes to go “all in” on a weekly basis will have the same lucidity when watching a game. Pressure, stress and adrenaline will most likely overcome all the rest. Not like he is going to last long anyway with such a risky strategy!

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