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14 Sep 2016

How to transfer funds between different services

Using your Easysportbet account to transfer funds between different services is very straightforward.

To do this, simply proceed through the transfer form available in your Easysportbet account. Transfers are usually processed within 20 minutes during the support hours.

Once you have logged in to your Easysportbet account, you will see your total balance on the top right corner.
To transfer funds from your main account to Matchbook or vice versa, you simply need to click on Matchbook at the top of the page, and then choose to either ask for a deposit or a withdrawal.

Transfert service ESBetting
Transfert service Matchbook
Transfert services

Proceed the same way to transfer funds from/to ESBetting.

Note that this operation is not necessary regarding Betfair as your total balance is always linked to your Betfair service.

If you have any question, please drop a comment or contact us directly.

Easysportbet team

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