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13 Nov 2014

New commission rates / VIP rates

Easysportbet is pleased to announce its new commission rates. They will be lowered in both gambling and trading mode and effective on December 1, 2014 (except in cases of force majeure).

Our current base rate of 7% will be lowered to 6.5% in order to match the basic Betfair rate which is also 6.5% for the majority of the countries since February, 2014.

From now on, a commission will be applied to all winning and losing bets and our base rate will be 3.6% on winning bets and 3.1% on losing bets in gambling mode.

As you can see in the demo below, this equals a rate of 6.5% levied on each winning bet.

See demo
If you place a bet of € 100 at the odds of @2.00 with 6.5% Commission, you get €93.50 of potential net profit and €100 of potential net loss. NET real odds : (93.50/100€) + 1 = 1.935

If you place a bet of € 100 at the odds of @2.00 with our new rates, you get €96.40 of potential net profit and €103.10 potential net loss. NET real odds : (96.40/103.10€) + 1 = 1.935

VIP Betting :

We are also pleased to announce that 2 new VIP levels will be put in place to reward all users getting the Profit/Loss by bet or market relatively high. It means that that if you get a gain or gross loss equal to or greater than €1500 you automatically get the rate of 2.8% / 1.2% regardless of your number of points.

For example whatever is your level of commission, if you place a bet of €750 at the odds of @3.00 in gambling mode and your bet is winning, automatically a commission of 2.8% is applied. Your net profit will be of €1458 (1500 – 2.8%).

And in trading mode, if you place several orders and in the end your profit generated in this market is equal to or greater than €1500, your commission will be 2.8% applied on the gross profit generated in the market in question.

Whatever your level of commission or the mode used are, you also get a fixed commission of 1.2% on all your losses equal to or greater than €1500.

Please note these rates are no longer in force from August 8, 2015, please see the following page:

Tables of the new rates effective December 1, 2014:


Easysportbet team


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