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18 Feb 2016

Matchbook partnership

Easysportbet is pleased to announce a new partnership with Matchbook, now enjoy the possibility of opening a Matchbook account through our intermediary.

Bet without any restriction on Matchbook, one of the world’s leading Betting Exchange platform. Get your Matchbook account and take advantage of the best offplay betting opportunities.

17 Nov 2014

Liability button

Gambling mode :

First of all, here are some examples so you can understand better our new commission system in gambling mode system where from now on a commission will be applied on all placed orders, whether they are winners or losers.

Our basic rate is 3.5% on winning orders and 2.4% on losing orders and can be lowered to 2.8% / 1.2%.

23 Oct 2014

Using level profit

BETTING EXCHANGE on Betfair allows users to trade in the betting markets, either by matching the available odds or by setting its own odds be matched by other users.

One of the major advices from Easysportbet is to benefit from this opportunity: securing/optimizing a profit or limiting the risks is essential in the long term and conversely, avoid running these profits or losses with single bets.

6 Sep 2014

New charts added

We inform you that we have added more complete charts than those available previously.

To open the chart, simply click on the name of the chosen selection (blue arrow below). You will access the following information:

9 Jul 2014

Inplay and no inplay mention

We inform you that we have added on the bet slip the mention of markets that are being planned to be in play or no inplay.

This allows you to take into account that it will not be possible to place any order on no inplay markets after the start of the event.

18 Apr 2014

Horse racing information

An update has been installed on 18 April 2014.

Here is the list of improvements in horse racing:

– Color of the jockey’s jersey
– Horse number (saddlecloth)
– The gate number of departure in brackets (stall draw)
– Jockey’s name under horse’s name
– Date of withdrawal of this selection (in red if applicable)