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4 Apr 2015

Bitcoin payments available

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency which was created in 2009 and which is increasingly used in trading.

It is used by some people for speculative trading purposes, but it can be very convenient when used to purchase services or for any purchase such as your deposits and withdrawals at Easysportbet.

From now on, deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin at Easysportbet is possible. We show you below how to make your transactions easily and at a lowered price, even when you are not used to this kind of currency.

You have the possibility of get Bitcoin quite easily through different Exchange platforms. Below we recommend the services we have tested and which will allow you to buy Bitcoin very quickly and with a better market price.

Websites we recommend for buying Bitcoins

Web site
Verification (KYC)
Method of payment
Within 24hours
Bank Wire (SEPA)
Within 48hours
Credit card, Bank Wire (SEPA)
Within 24hours
Credit card, Bank Wire (SEPA)   See our article
Within 48hours
Neteller, Bank Wire (SEPA)

* Kraken is certainly the site we recommend for buying your Bitcoins, verification of your account takes less than 24 hours, your SEPA bank transfer will be credited the next day without any fees, and you’ll be able to buy your Bitcoins at the best market price.

Other sites to buy Bitcoins.
Buy Bitcoin by bank wires :

Buy Bitcoin by credit card (significantly higher costs) :

Buy Bitcoin by using Paypal or Skrill (significantly higher costs) :

Online wallet to store your Bitcoins :


How to make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin at Easysportbet ?

Deposit :
1. you buy Bitcoins on one of the sites that we recommend or another one of your choice.
2. you transfer your Bitcoins to the address shown in your Easysportbet account.
3. upon receipt of your Bitcoins, we convert them into EUR at the best market exchange rate.
4. we credit your Easysportbet account of the amount exchanged in EUR.

1. you withdraw part or all of your Easysportbet balance.
2. we convert the EUR amount withdrawn into Bitcoins with the best market exchange rate.
3. we immediately transfer Bitcoins exchanged at the address you have indicated.
4 as soon as you receive your Bitcoins, you will therefore have the opportunity to immediately change them into EUR and withdraw from your bank account.

Choose the platform that suits you best according to :

– The financing methods offered.
– Costs applied to purchase your Bitcoins or Litcoins.
– Available currency (EUR or USD).
– Time to obtain your bitcoins.
– Rates and charges offered by the platform

Follow the real Bitcoin rates live

If you have any questions about Bitcoin do not hesitate to contact us.
Feel free to share your different experiences with the different platforms used.

Easysportbet team.

  • Jamie says:

    Can you explain how bitcoin works exactly, and how can I deposit or withdraw from Easysportbet ?

  • admineasy says:

    Hello Jamie,

    Normally, you can find all informations in the post above.
    If you have difficulty using bitcoin, please contact our support.

  • Cameron says:


    If I understand well, all countries are allowed on your betting exchange website with bitcoin transactions ?


  • admineasy says:

    Yes, with the exception of Costa Rica.

  • xyz says:

    it’s that be great to show the bitcoin rate in your site.

  • admineasy says:

    Hello xyz,

    The rate BTC/EUROS:

  • xyz says:

    Thanks, you may could speed up the deposit and withdraw processing. Today i spent 2 hours to deposit to my account. The bitcoin net is a bit slow, but 6 confirmations need about 1 hour, 2 hour is too long. most of time you don’t need 6 confirmations, maybe 2 or 3 is enough. And withdraw bitcoin should be instant. I understand you have to transfer to btc-e to sell it and buy it, it need time. but you may keep some bitcoin used to respond people’s withdraw request. It’s not a difficult thing and it could improve people’s experience.

  • admineasy says:


    You can notify us of your deposit by email (support) and our operators will be able to process them more quickly.

    Concerning withdrawals requests, they are faster to process than deposits.

    However, as Bitcoin transactions are becoming more and more popular, we will improve our methods in the future to minimize delays.

    Kind regards.