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10 Sep 2014

The fundamentals of trading on betfair

Trading on Betfair requires some experience to avoid traps. We will present the basics of trading on betfair for a good start.

First, we advise you to set a “tolerance” of loss.
You will often see the advice “cut losses and let profits run.”
The big mistake is often cross this boundary hoping for a turnaround, but with the risk of losing more.
You must learn to accept loss: be disciplined.

The betting exchange allows you to buy and sell : as well enjoy it to the fullest!

Do not hesitate when the opportunity presents itself to reduce the risk … partially … completely … or even take a small portion of the profits already done in order to allow you a very lucrative trade in a turnaround.

It is often more interesting to “swim against the tide” than “follow the direction of the river,” to take advantage of great values​​.

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