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18 Apr 2014

Horse racing information

An update has been installed on 18 April 2014.

Here is the list of improvements in horse racing:

– Color of the jockey’s jersey
– Horse number (saddlecloth)
– The gate number of departure in brackets (stall draw)
– Jockey’s name under horse’s name
– Date of withdrawal of this selection (in red if applicable)

All information (Reduction factor, age, coach’s name…) are visible over the jockey’s jersey.

The percentage of reduction factor applied to the odds of the other horses is now taken into account until the bets are settled.

Example: If you back a horse to a given odds and after you placed your position, a horse withdraws, your odds will be lowered according to the reduction factor of the withdrawn horse.
Within 30 seconds following the withdrawal, your odds will also be updated so that you have the correct Profit/Loss displayed in the bet slip to trade this position.


Easysportbet team

  • Stephen says:

    AUS racing are available too on easysportbet ? thks for your reply

  • admineasy says:

    Hello Stephen,

    With Easysportbet, you can bet on AUSTRALIAN markets. And you don’t have to transfert funds from UK wallet to AUS wallet.