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20 Mar 2014

Liability exposure risk

The calculation mode of the liability or exposure (*) was modified on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 10: 00 GMT – 0.

The old calculation mode took into account the risk independently on each selection, without taking into account potential gains during a trade carried out on the same market.

You can therefore now trade more easily : your balance will be updated (as on Betfair ) taking into account the risk of the global trade of the market in question.
This will help to engage other positions without having to wait for pending bets to be settled (to recover the capital).

Therefore, closures in back on another selection of the same market are now also possible taking into account potential gains/losses of the entire market.

Example: you LAY the 1st selection of a market with a liability equivalent to your whole bank or €100 (LAY of €10.000 to 1.01), it was not possible prior to this amendment to place a BACK on this same selection to close this trade if your balance was at 0.
Taking into account the balance/exposure is now carried out like on Betfair.

Caution: Never trade with your whole Bank (always keep at least 5% of your capital) in order to close your positions in a single order, if you need to close them in several times, this is due to the “loss” commission, which is not taken into the count in the different trades.

(*) Liability(risk) = Exposure(risk exposition)

Easysportbet team

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