Terms and conditions

1.1 The present conditions (last update: 07-11-2017) govern the use of our various services and our website easysportbet.co.uk operated by Gymaster N.V. (also mentioned as "the operator" or "we") registered and regulated in Curacao, under license 8048 / JAZ2015-046.

1.2 Through the registration form, you certify that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions regarding the use of your Easysportbet account and all the services offered by "the operator".

1.3 These conditions cease to exist and apply if one of the parties ceases to exist.

1.4 Easysportbet reserves the right to modify and update these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will be binding and will take effect as soon as you read them on your next login. You agree that it is your responsibility to know the general conditions in force.

2.1 It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of the rules applied to all bets and depending on the platform used, the rules for the same bet may vary from one platform to another and are explained on each platform.

2.2 The services offered by the operator are only an intermediary between the user and our various providers. All the conditions for cancellation or refund of bets are those indicated on the various platforms. In addition, we may have to modify bets or odds according to the results returned by our providers (example: "Reduction factor" on horse racing, bets partially paid / refunded, etc.).

2.3 Regardless of the platform used, the opening and suspension of betting markets are managed by our "Provider", we have no control on this matter, and you must take into account that all our "Providers" reserve the right to suspend any market at any time in their sole discretion, even when a market has been planned to be offered "Inplay". In such a situation, no refund can be made for any confirmed bets, from both parties (our "Providers" and Easysportbet).

2.4 No refund of bets will be processed by the operator due to platforms being unavailable or out of order, or due to any misuse by the user.

2.5 Regardless of the platform used, once a bet is validated and matched in your current betting history, you cannot request cancellation.

2.6 All information in the deposit and withdrawal sections of your Easysportbet account are part of our specific terms and conditions.

2.7 Without limiting the scope of the other sections of these terms and conditions, you agree that we are in no way responsible, for unintentional acts or beyond our control, for any direct or indirect loss or loss of income, especially when it is caused by:

- any delay or interruption of services
- any loss of data related to a communication or network interruption
- any accidental transmission of a virus or other harmful attacks
- any unauthorized or abusive use of your accounts
- or any other case of force majeure.

3.1 Our services are strictly prohibited to players under 18 years old.

3.2 The identification process is mandatory in order to be able to use all the services offered by the "operator" without any restrictions. All users agree to provide valid documents to verify their account.

3.3 We can not provide any advice about the legality of internet gambling in your country of residence, nor can we accept any responsibility for any punishment imposed by the competent public authority as a result of “use considered illegal” by the application of the regulations of your country. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he is using our services in accordance with the laws in force in his country of residence.

3.4 Your accounts (Easysportbet and all platforms accounts) are personal. You must not share your login and password, nor can you share the URL links of the various platforms. It is your responsibility to keep this information confidential, you will be fully responsible for any misuse or intentional disclosure or not of your login access to a third party.

3.5 Users acknowledge that all times mentioned on their Easysportbet and Betkeen account are GMT-0 time zone.

3.6 A monthly administration fee of 7.00 EUR will be applied to all accounts with an available balance, that have been inactive for more than 3 months. Your balance will never be negative due to administrative fees.

3.7 We recommend you to use FireFox or Google Chrome: these two browsers are the most adapted to our services and will allow you to enjoy a better gaming experience.

4.1 All conditions specific to Betkeen are explained on Betkeen platform and are to be read and accepted on your first login.

4.2 Betkeen service and all information regarding Betkeen are only accessible to verified users.

4.3 The commissions of the various platforms are indicated on the commission page.

4.4 All terms and conditions regarding bets validated at 3ET are those presented on 3ET platform.

4.5 The minimum standard stake on 3ET platform is 50.00 EUR. However, this minimum stake can be much higher depending on the potential winning, which can be of 60.00 EUR or over in specific markets or specific odds (example: minimum stake of 1,000.00 EUR on odds of 1.06). If the minimum stake is not reached, the bet will be automatically rejected.

5.1 You are only allowed to have one Easysportbet account. We reserve the right to close all multiple accounts under the same name, or attributable to the same person.

5.2 The Operator reserves the right to close any accounts (Easysportbet and all platforms accounts) in its sole discretion. In such a situation, we will proceed to the immediate transfer of your balance. We also reserve the right to refuse the activation of certain services without notice.

5.3 Any fraudulent use of our various services will result in the immediate closing of your account(s) and the cancellation of the winnings obtained on the various platforms used.

5.4 The Operator may cancel bets at any time, in the event of an obvious hardware error or suspicion of fraud.

5.5 The Operator reserves the right to stop providing certain betting services, temporarily or permanently, at any time and without notice.

5.6 Our support is only available in English, French and Spanish.

6.1 All transactions must be made in EUR. All amounts received in a different currency will be converted automatically to the exchange rate of the payment method used.

6.2 Deposit / withdrawal fees, limits and other specific conditions are explained by logging into your Easysportbet account.

6.3 We reserve the right to charge up to 2.5% additional fees on your deposits and withdrawals for any abusive or unnecessary transaction (e.g. a withdrawal followed by another immediate deposit), or if the commission generated from the deposit is less than 1.5% of the deposit.

6.4 The e-wallet accounts used for withdrawals must be identical to those used for deposits. A withdrawal method may be used only if you have already made at least one deposit with the same method.

6.5 All transfer requests between our different services are processed manually by our agents (unless stated otherwise) and will be done only during support hours (Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 22:00 GMT-0), no compensation due to delayed transfers will be granted. The withdrawal times indicated in your Easysportbet account are indicative only, no compensation for delayed payments will be granted.

6.6 If you have deposited more than you have withdrawn with a payment method, you will have a positive net deposit. If you have used more than one payment method, you must withdraw the positive net deposits of each method within the limits of these amounts, before being able to withdraw more than the total amounts of your deposits.

6.7 It is necessary and mandatory to verify your Easysportbet account (KYC procedure indicated by logging into your Easysportbet account) before requesting a withdrawal.

6.8 Any negative balance on any of your accounts (e.g. due to re-settled bets) will be owed and payable to Easysportbet. Your accounts will remain active, but you will not be able to place bets, as long as the amounts owed to Easysportbet are not be paid in full.

7.1 We are committed to protect your personal data provided during registration and all the documents you provide us. Your data will not be shared to any third party for commercial use. Your data is securely stored in our servers.

7.2 We may disclose your personal information only if required to do so by law, or if we suspect you of fraudulent practice (to payment fraud, money laundering).

Easysportbet makes every effort so that players using our services can enjoy a pleasant game experience. We know that some players have problems in order to control their activity of games. If you are concerned with gambling-related problems do not hesitate to follow the following advice :

- Contact the association gambling therapy specialized in association and supports people affected by compulsive gaming.
- Contact us to suspend your Easysportbet account for a determined or undefined period.
- You can easily see the history of your gaming and your transactions from your account easysportbet in order to keep a certain control.
- Registration is strictly prohibited to persons under 18 years.
- The game must remain an activity of entertainment and not as an additional income source.
- Adjust your stakes and bet reasonably.
- Only play money that you can afford to spend.
- Do not not allow the game interfering in your family life or social community, or in your day-to-day responsibilities.
- Never attempt to recover your losses by betting in irrational way.



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