Easysportbet account
Account opening :
Deposits :
0 to 1.90%
Withdrawals :
0 to 1.99%
Betkeen transfers :
3ET transfers :
The deposit and withdrawal fees depend on the method of payment. Several methods available from 0.00%
Betkeen exchange
Gambling mode :
1.50% - 1.50%
Trading mode :
1.70% - 1.70%
Min. trading mode :
At Betkeen, you can choose the mode that suits you best depending on your favorite way of betting or trading. You can switch from one mode to the other from the betslip, However, commission mode of a market will be necessarily defined by the mode chosen when placing the first bet on that same market.
Game mode explained :
Gambling mode: In gambling mode, the commission percentage is applied on every bet placed on our platform, regardless if it is winning or losing. Every bet placed on a given market is independent. Therefore, the commission is applied on each order and not on gross earnings obtained in a single market, unlike in trading mode.
Trading mode: In trading mode, the commission percentage is applied only on your gross profit/loss obtained on one market. Unlike in gambling mode, no commission per bet will be deducted. This system allows you to apply your favorite «scalping» or «offplay trading» strategies. In trading mode, a minimum commission of 0.15€ / traded market will be retained regardless of the profit/loss obtained.



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