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12 Sep 2014

Tips for gambling on betfair

Easysportbet presents tips to make gambling if you do not trade your positions (although we recommend it highly for better results in the long term).

First, as a general rule, we do not recommend to back small odds (or lay big odds).

Indeed, psychologically the vast majority of players “rush” on the evidence, example a victory of a favorite, may reduces the odds more often than necessary.

Imagine 1,000 players in a market, if 990 of them firmly believe at the result of an event, odds who will normally be at @ 1.05 according to the true probability of the event may very well fall to 1.03 @ @ 1.02 @ 1.01 due to the huge demand on the back of this little odds.

In the long term, for random bets, so it’s probably more profitable to lay small odds or back big odds than the reverse.

Obviously the choice and analysis of your bets and especially the money management of your bank will also be critical to your long term results.

It is recommended not to exceed 5% of your capital commitment on a single bet.

By following these tips, you already have a good base to be on the safe side: the beneficiaries players.

We must not forget that at least 80% of the players are losers in the long run in sports betting.

We must therefore often play against the tide to be on the winning side!

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