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12 Sep 2014

Sports trading with hedging

Before knowing how to make money in sports betting, you must learn to protect its capital to be a beneficiary bettor in the long term. For this it is necessary to take advantage of opportunities that arise, at least to limit, or completely eliminate your risk of loss.

Unlike a traditional bookmaker, Betfair strength and Easysportbet is that we can cover our positions with ease throughout an event, it would be a shame to miss it.

Do not hesitate to secure your winnings with our level profit function when the odds of your initial bet is small because the twists in the final minutes are more frequent than you think. You can also limit the loss if you observe that your initial position is not good, sometimes it is better to cut losses without regrets than suffer a much greater loss.

Easysportbet gives you basic advice that should help you to increase your income consistently in the sports trading because we find that some of our members do not benefit from these real benefits of the betting exchange.

First, as we have already mentioned in our two previous articles on money management article 1 and article 2, it is very important to set a tolerance of loss. When the risk of maximum loss is eliminated, you can leave your current position to benefit of a very favorable outcome or else ensure your winnings.

“Hedging” means “cover” by this simple definition, it is already easy to see the main advantage of this technique.

Indeed, to protect us from adverse scenario or a turnaround, it is necessary to cover to avoid this. The coverage is not free of course, but which can be extremely advantageaous over time. Again, a good trader should always master the maximum possible scenarios, and improbable events are many in the sport.

What are the tools of hedging?

It is of course possible to take an opposite position on the same selection, but also on any other correlated market.
Two correlated markets are markets that evolve more or less identically in a given event.

Enjoy below @1.10 odds

It is often interesting to lay positions when the odds pass under @ 1.10, this coverage will cost you a small portion of your earnings, but will secure the most of your income, or even inflate your earnings if you favor a turnaround (a rating of 1.10 corresponds to an approximate probability of 1/10 so it is not so rare).

Here are some recent cases observed among members of Easysporbet (some may recognize) where event occurred a turnaround so that a significant gain can be achieved at a given moment of the game:

Bayern Munich v Manchester city – Match Odds Back Bayern Munich € 550 @ 1.43

Bayern Munich quickly led to the 2-0 score at the time of the encounter with a rating of about 1.04 @ it was possible using the profits to provide € 210 level function despite the victory of Manchester City instead a loss of € 550.


Laval v Chateauroux – match odds Back Laval € 320 @ 1.78

Laval led 2-1 from the 79th minute and Chateauroux equalized in the 94th minute, it was possible to close the position indicated in the 79th and 94th at odds between @ 1.16 @ 1.05 in order to ensure 180 € 200 € depending on the time of closure instead of a loss of € 320 due to the equalizer in the last second of Chateauroux.


Hannover v Nurnberg – Nurnberg match odds Back @ € 150 4.2

Nurnberg 3-0 to score from the 41th minute and 3-1 up in the 87th minute, for example, it was possible to lay halftime Nurnberg to @ 1.06. With the profit level function it was possible to ensure 400 € despite the return to Hannover 3-3 in the 92nd minute instead of a loss of 150 €

Lyon v Marseille Wincast A Lacazette / Lyon back 60 € @ 8.8

With Lacazette first scorer in this game, the bet was underway before winning the return of OM. At 2-0 for Lyon, it was probably possible to lay the Match Odds for Lyon to @ 1.10 so for example a lay 400 @ 1.10 € (40 € for liability only). This would have provided about 390 € despite the return of Marseille instead of a loss of 60 €.

Among these examples we demonstrate the interest of ensuring the positions when the odds of the selection on which you bet is low. We have selected examples on football, but it is the same for any other sport. We randomly selected these most recent egregious situations where hedging was adequate to secure profit.

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