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12 Sep 2014

Hedging match odds and asian handicap

This technique consists to bet on a close game of basketball to enjoy a correlation between match odds and asian handicap, while minimizing the risk of loss and maximizing returns.

Selection of games:

Choose a game you think that the favorite should win on a tight score and asian hadnicap is either -4 or -5.

Back the favorite and cover a portion of your stake with a lay on asian handicap -4 or -5 depending on the confidence in the favorite.

Possible scenario:

– If one of the two teams quickly leads easily and if you are in bad positions (depending on the coverage you have done), close your position by accepting your loss (it will be minimal).

– If the game is tight and remains at a distance of 5 to 7 points, over the approach of the end of the match, you will have the opportunity to make an extremely beneficial trade or even consider your two positions won if the favorite team wins without pass the handicap. However we recommend that you close your positions before the end of the match.

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