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Blog Advice – Strategies
10 Sep 2014

Money management in sports betting

To be a winner in sports betting, a good management of your capital is essential to be positive in the long term.

It means to maximize profits and minimize losses to get the best of your trades.

Risk management is already the cornerstone of the edifice of your trading system.

10 Sep 2014

The fundamentals of trading on betfair

Trading on Betfair requires some experience to avoid traps. We will present the basics of trading on betfair for a good start.

First, we advise you to set a “tolerance” of loss.
You will often see the advice “cut losses and let profits run.”
The big mistake is often cross this boundary hoping for a turnaround, but with the risk of losing more.
You must learn to accept loss: be disciplined.

10 Sep 2014

Explanations about beftair betting exchange

The betting exchange is a market of sports betting where users are trading bets at odds set by themselves.

It is possible to buy (BACK : for the selection) and sell (LAY : against the selection).

The LAY permit to put themselves in the situation of bookmaker, which is specific to betting exchange.