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11 Sep 2014

Trading the first ten minutes in football betting

Here is a possible technique on betfair to trade your positions at all early game.

Enjoy the fall of the odds of under 2.5 in the first 10 minutes of the game.

You need an insurance to eliminate the risk of a goal in the first 10 minutes.

11 Sep 2014

LAY the DRAW and BACK the UNDER 0.5 on soccer

Put the odds in your favor to make money on betfair with insurance on football bets.

This hedging is done before the start of the game or in the first minutes.

Opening trade

Lay the Draw € 100 @ 3.50

11 Sep 2014

SCALP the under goals after the break of favorite

This simple strategy is to bet on the fact that the break made ​​by the favorite team (less than 1.80 odds on the match odds early in the game) will lead to a drop in the “pace” of the play and therefore a good time for scalping with higher probability of success in the long term.

So it’s the perfect time to take a position in favor of x under goals.

11 Sep 2014

LAY a big favorite early in the match

This technique to be a winner in the long run in sports betting is to back the challenger or lay the big favorite few seconds or minutes before the match starts.


match in 3 sets and the favorite must be below @1.30

11 Sep 2014

BACK the favorite in the second set after losing the first set

Here is a possibility of trading for a match in five sets, when the favorite has lost the first set.
We take a position against the winner of the first set.


The favorite prematch (less than 1.60 odds) lose the first set.

10 Sep 2014

Scalping for the break in tennis

Play on betfair with simple trading techniques.

The technique of scalping can be used on all games (male, female, 3 sets, 5 sets) and any game outside of the tie break.


A break point (0-40 or 15-40).